The Alibi journey began when we saw other people going to a bunch of cool places. We said to ourselves, “Hey, we want to go to a bunch of cool places, too!”We booked a one-way flight to Asia and started going to cool places. Once we started traveling around, we realized that it’s honestly really hard work. It takes lots and lots of research, and even more patience. As we traveled, we were met with thousands of questions, and in some cases, really bad answers.We quickly noticed that we weren’t the only ones. In fact, many experienced travelers had their own set of questions that needed to be answered. We stumbled upon questions like, “What do I pack?” and “Why can’t I stop pooping?” While we found good answers to some of our most important questions like, “Is there wi-fi?”, there was still one that not even the most seasoned traveler could adequately answer.

“What are the best shoes to pack for everything?"

To be honest, it kind of boggled our minds. We were sure we weren’t looking hard enough. How was there not already a shoe that checked off all the boxes we wanted checked? Our feet play a pretty vital part in travel after all. Many people shared suggestions, but truthfully they weren’t very good.

We needed a shoe that was comfortable yet stylish. Lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying. One we could wear comfortably on a light hike or at the gym, and then slip on again later that night for the bar. And truly be the only shoe we needed to bring. Simple enough, right?

Since we couldn’t find a good answer, we made our own. And the Alibi Shoe was born.

We’ve created a few more answers to a few more questions and we’re working hard to create the best answers to all of life’s travel q’s. Our hope is that one day you might have the same questions, and that you’ll love our answers enough to give us money for them. 

Keep on traveling.


Alibi Supply Co.