For the majority of human history, we were nomads. We roamed the earth, discovered new territory, and brazenly embraced the unknown. Each one of us was born as an explorer, with adventure deep in our loins.

As they wandered around aimlessly, our predecessors brought very little with them. They carried only what would fit on their backs and didn’t need much else. Each belonging served a vital purpose, each tool carefully crafted. 

Over time, we became habitual and uninspired. We traded in adventure for air conditioning, a desk, and pooping on company time.

Alibi's goal is to help reignite the human nature within. Our gear is designed to satisfy the needs of modern-day explorers with the inspiration of our nomadic ancestors. It’s time to get back to exploring. So, buy some of our gear, switch off the computer, and go see some cool stuff.


Alibi Supply Co.

Made for travelers, built for adventure.